Meet The Teachers!

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Joseph Glarner – Owner of The Music Conservatory, LLC

Music Director

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Joseph Glarner has been a professional musician for the last 15 years with multi-instrumental and stylistic focus’s. Proficient on piano, guitar, pipe organ, violin, vocals, and percussion. Major focuses on Jazz from all era’s, and…  Click Here for More About Joseph Glarner

April Glarner – General Administrator

Children’s Music Program Director

April Glarner grew up in Western New York with a hunger and talent for music.  Starting at a very young age, singing, writing songs, and playing instruments, April is and has always been fueled by her desire to touch the heart of those who listened.  She also was a part of Awareness Theatre… Click Here for More About April Glarner

Chelci Cowan – Woodwind and Brass Instrument Private Instructor & Warren County Youth Orchestra Director

Chelci Cowan teaches private lessons for all of our woodwind and brass instrument students at all skill levels.  She is also directing the Warren County Youth Orchestra on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm.

Mary Beth Heidenreich – Drum Instructor

Irys McKotch – Piano Instructor

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Irys McKotch, will help you reach your goals as quickly as possible!

Irys McKotch has been playing music since she was a small child, fluent in many instruments, Irys McKotch is one of our regions best music instructors.  Study Piano, or ukulele with Irys, and find out why she is so popular with our kids in our schools! … Click here for more about Irys McKotch

Ryan Sandberg – Drum Instructor

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Ryan Sandberg has been a hard working and reliable drum student for over a decade. Studying with T.R. Mckotch, he has improved upon his rhythm, and rudimentary knowledge, as well as kit drumming and hand drumming.  He now teaches at three of The Music Conservatory’s studios, one of which he is part owner in….  Click Here for More Information about Ryan Sandberg

Dr. Dale Haight – Guitar Instructor

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Dr. Dale Haight

Dr Dale Haight is a lifelong musician, having started on trumpet at age 10, guitar at 11 and has
primarily been a singer for as long as he can remember, having been featured in a number of
bands in his early 20’s, including Skyphull Band, a touring rock band that gained a solid
regional following over the years, and ultimately writing, leading and teaching on worship since
1987. Dale has travelled to more than 30 international cities including several 3rd world
locations such as Kenya, Uganda and southern Mexico, to promote and teach worship and
music leadership and application.
Dale is featured on his solo album, “I Am Free” (Restored! Music Group 2003), recorded at the
famed White House and Carport studios in Nashville, as well as one of three worship leaders
on a live album “Elim Praise!” a year later. He has been a producer on several projects and has
written a number of published songs that are used internationally at churches and gatherings.
He is the author of Radical Vessels, a book published by Xulon Press in 2005.
Dale earned his masters and doctoral degrees from Master’s International University in
Evansville, IN.
Today, Dale hosts a YouTube program, Dr Dale On Deck, and is an instructor at the Warren
Conservatory of Music, teaching/coaching both guitar and voice. 

All of our teachers have undergone background checks and have been child safe certified!