The Music Conservatory, LLC offers Private Lessons, Group Lessons, And Ensemble Groups for School Age Students and Adults of all ages from Monday through Thursdays 6-8pm, including our Friday Morning Elementary Age Music Class from 9-10am.

The Warren County Youth Orchestra Meets on Wednesdays from 6-7pm, Therapeutic Drum Circle (all ages) meets 7:15 – 8pm First Wednesday of Every Month. Our Student Rock Band with Mark Robinault Meets on Wednesdays from 5 – 5:30pm and Our Student Folk Band with Addison Gee meets on Thursdays from 4pm to 4:30pm. Also, our Teen Rock Band with Addison Gee also Meets on Thursdays from 7 – 8pm.

We Also Host WCYN… The Warren County Youth Network is a multimedia digital platform for the youth of Warren County, PA. They meet every Tuesday from 6-7pm.

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We are located at 220 Pennsylvania Ave W, in Warren, Pennsylvania.

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Hear what our Parents have to say about our Friday Morning Music Class Below:

Amanda McCord

“Sometimes you just know when a teacher is doing what they’re meant to be doing. Every teacher at the conservatory that I’ve met has always given me the impression that they truly care about what they do, and about students successes everywhere, not just as musicians. It’s such a valuable place in the community. The morning class is proof of some of the amazing, important work you guys do!”


Michelle Belleau

Thank you for all that you do for and expose our children too!!! I love hearing the 7 year old humming opera as she plays with her dolls. Friday is the highlight of the week!!”


Therapeutic drum circle

7:15 – 8pm First Wednesday of every month

The conservatory hosted a therapeutic drum circle, with Rich Schuler of Jamestown Thunder Drums.

“People were having a great time and everyone walked out with a smile,” he said. “Drumming along to the beat and having fun was the name of the game.”

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T.R. McKotch

“Rich Schuler is fantastic!! The participants will get a lot from this!!”

Hank Cornell

“Drumming is very fun and soothing, and trust me no matter your level of experience you will find it almost automatic to find the rhythm and after just a little bit, you might find that your beat is the one others blend in with, very beautiful.”


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Our Youth need a Healthy outlet.

Music Education Is More Important Than Ever!

To Create A Healthy and Functioning Adult, Start them in music education When They are young.

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