Joseph Glarner

Joseph Glarner

Owner Of THe Music COnservatory, LLC

Music Director

Joseph Glarner Performing with American Idol contestant, Michael Johns during the “Starts of America Tour”.

Joseph Glarner is the creator of The Music Conservatory in Warren PA, and has been a professional musician, educator, Author, and video/audio producer for the last 20 years with multi-instrumental and stylistic focuses. Proficient on piano, guitar, pipe organ, violin, vocals, and percussion. Major focuses on Jazz from all era’s, and Sacred Music specifically in the Episcopal Church.

He has been a production studio owner, music producer, music educator, composed movie scores, radio jingles, and vocal acting on many regional, national, and international advertising & marketing campaigns. He is also an ASCAP affiliated writer and publisher and has performed in many of the major cities in the United States. 

Wall Mural Painting by Ruby Alburger

He has released 6 albums to date of his own compositions and has recorded on over 100 albums with various artists. He was also hired to produce music for AGP Records Artist Brielle who has hit the billboard chart twice since 2014, where he helped execute artist development, served as the music director for the staff musicians and a music producer in the studio.

Joseph was Chenoa Music’s east coast musical director for the “Stars of America Tour” featuring top 10 finalists from “American Idol” and was a music producer for “American Christmas 2” featuring for American Idol finalists. He has had the pleasure of recording, performing, and producing music for over 20 American Idol finalists.

Joseph Glarner, Pete Pepke and Steve Chapel Jazz Performance at Liberty St. Cafe in Warren, PA.

The highlight of Joseph’s career has been having had played with world renown jazz trombonist and vaudeville comedian Pete Pepke. Joseph played with Pete Pepke for 12 years before Pete retired.

Currently, Joseph runs The Music Conservatory in Warren PA that is host to over 100 music students and he works as the Musical Director for Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Missions of Warren County Pennsylvania, and is always recording music for radio, television, and film. 

       Joseph also Received an award from the American Music Federation Union Jamestown Musical Association Local #134 in the year 2014 for “Outstanding Achievements in the Performing Arts as a Performer”

       He is also a published Author of “The Music Conservatory’s Guitar Method Book 1” an educational instructional book for guitar players available anywhere books are sold online.

Professional Jazz Musician

Artistic Impression of Joseph Glarner with a violin student by April Glarner

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