Withdrawal Policy

About Our Withdrawal Policy:

In the event that you need to withdraw yourself or your child(ren) from The Music Conservatory please be advised we have a Withdrawal policy.  You can view it in full by the sign in sheet or up on the bulletin board inside.

We simply ask that you provide us with a 30 day notice before the 5th of the month in order to stop payment before the next billing cycle.

We also have a form to fill out at the Front Desk.  Please ask our administrator for this form if you think you are going to need to withdraw.



It is required now for students to attend at least one class per month to avoid dismissal.  We will only allow a 2 month grace period as of March 2019.  In other words, If a student does not attend 2 months worth of lessons without prior notice, there is no refund and the student will lose his/her spot in the group or private lesson.  Please be sure to communicate with us directly.  Do not leave it up to your child to tell us that they are withdrawing from lessons.  We will “hold” spots for a student upon request, but we must have it in writing to include date of request, time expected to be absent and return date with a signature from the payee.  There are no discounts or changes in your monthly payments for this.  There are no refunds for missed lessons.  Admin might make an exception in extra special circumstances, so please communicate with us what you need.

Make Up Lessons:

It is not policy to provide make up lessons, however if a teacher has an available spot, he or she might be able to accommodate you.  This is not guaranteed.  Your monthly payment includes 4 weeks of lessons.  There are some months in a year with 5 weeks in them, giving you a free week of lessons.  In the event that the school closes due to weather, emergencies or other, or should a teacher fall ill and not be able to teach, then the extra weeks even out by the end of the year.

We appreciate your time and patience as we continue to work on making our school policies effective and easy to follow.

Please let us know at the Front Desk if you have any questions, or email April Glarner at april.glarnergroup@gmail.com.


Thank you and see you in class!!

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