Student Instrument Fund

I am going to be totally transparent about our needs.

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For the past Several years The Music Conservatory, LLC has relied heavily on instrument, equipment and financial donations to get us going in the right direction.  We are a private school, but we operate like a not for profit. Our Administration works with the aim of Growing The Music Conservatory, LLC into a Successful Music Conservatory in Warren, PA. To Blossom into one that will teach many generations of musicians in the decades ahead. Our funds come from the parents and students who pay for lessons and from donations.  So with that in mind, we wish to let you know that we are happy to serve the community with our musical expertise and knowledge as we teach future generations how to excel in life using their God-given talents!

Student Instrument Fund?

What We Need for our students and for the school!

We are in need of more Music Stands!  Since we have embarked on the adventure of opening up the area’s Warren County Youth Orchestra, we have received donations that have enabled us to purchase some music stands, but we are in need of more as the Orchestra (and other groups) grow.  We also need folding chairs, percussion equipment, piano tuning and repair(costly), instruments, plus instrument repair, and finances for music to keep us going in the right direction.  While member dues, registration fees and prices of lessons do cover some of these cost, not nearly enough money can be raised in time to cover these costs before they become a serious need.

Instruments such as working full size keyboards and stands for our Piano Lab.

Any other working instrument or lightly used instrument if possible.  We will accept broken instruments in need of repair (they may just take longer to be reused as repairs can be costly)

Our Donated Instruments OFTEN go right back out the door into the waiting hands of a student who could not afford an instrument or needed one to practice on at home!  We also have Several Donated Instruments currently in use by The Warren County Youth Orchestra!

We also are developing a Computer Music Theory Learning Center!!  With this we are in need of working Computer monitors, modems, and headsets.  Windows 10 or higher.  We could also use furniture such as tables, desks and chairs to make this happen.

Our Beginning Music class is in need of funds to purchase age -appropriate teaching materials, and instruments.

Please consider Donating to our Scholarship Program as well!  Several students have gone on to receive Scholarships to help fund their tuition in College or Universities and we also have helped students who otherwise may not have been able to afford a private music education.

Please consider being a Sponsor today!

Thank you!!

A very big Thank You to our donors!

We have received several donations in the past few years or so.  Forgive me if I do not have them all listed here, as we are keeping names private.

  • We have received little chairs (with this we were able to keep our Beginning Music class operational and it has become a big success!)  -Fridays from 9am – 1030am-
  • We received enough Cash donations to purchase a kid sized table for arts and crafts!
  • We have received musical songbooks!
  • We have received a mini grand piano!!!  (Or 2!)  And a couple of upright pianos!
  • We have received a drum set or two!
  • We have received several instruments. Some of which include, an Upright Bass, Keyboards, a trumpet in need of repairs, a couple student guitars also in need of repair, 2 cellos in need of repair, and violins!!
  • We have received guitar cases(and gifted them to students in need!)

And more…

Many of our teachers and staff have brought their own music equipment and instruments into the school so to them THANK YOU!

Without your thoughtful donations we would not be where we are today!  We have had a few kinks along the way and made some mistakes, but they have been learning experiences and we are becoming better than ever.  We are hopeful and expectant of every new year and have many, many things to come planned for The Music Conservatory, LLC’s students!  Please consider making a donation to our Student Instrument Fund today!!  Thank you!


General Administrator,

April L. Glarner

Call us at 814-580-3913