Group Lessons and Times (half hour sessions unless specified):

Unless otherwise stated, we are always accepting sign ups! It’s never too late to join a group!

Private lesson times are not listed. Please call for times available.


5:30 Woodwind Ensemble Ages 12 & up
6:00 Woodwind Ensemble Ages 12 & up
6:00 Level 2 Drum Group Ages 12 & up
7:00 – 8:00 Adult Acapella Choir – “Allegheny Songbirds” (with Student Apprenticeship Program)


4:00 “Tiny Musicians” Preschool Class Ages 3 and 4yrs
4:00 Little Singer’s Ages 5-9yrs
4:30 – 5: 30 “Little Mozart’s” Premusic Class Ages 5-8yrs

7:30 Adult Hand Drumming Session


4:00 Beginner Violin Group 1 Ages 12 and up
6:00 – 7:00pm Warren County Youth Orchestra

7:30 Wednesday night Jazz Band


4:00 Little Beginners Violin Ages 5 – 8
4:00 Little Beginners Drums Ages 5-8
4:30 Little Beginners Ukulele Group Ages 5-8
4:30 – 5:30 Premusic Class Ages 5-8
5:00 Little Beginners Piano Lab Ages 5 – 8
6:00 – 7:00pm Adult Chamber Ensemble (with Student Apprenticeship Program)
6:30 Beginner Drum Lab Ages 9 and up

Closed to lessons
Hand Drumming Workshops 6pm (Event dates and times vary. Check our facebook page for updates)

Saturdays: 15% Discount on Beginner series classes for YMCA members (Saturdays only)

9:00 – 10:00 Premusic Class Ages 5-8
9:30 Piano Lab Ages 9 and up
9:30 Little Beginner Drums Ages 5-8
10:00 Beginner Ukulele Ages 9 and up
10:00 Beginner Level 2 Drums Ages 9 and up
10:30 Piano Lab Level 1 Ages 12 and up
10:30 Beginner Guitar Group Ages 9 and up
10:30 Little Beginners Drums Ages 5-8
11:00 Group Piano Level 2 Ages 12 and up
11:00 Beginner Drums Level 3
11:30 Beginner Piano Group Ages 12 and up

Coming Soon!

Baby and me music classes for infants -Age groups 6 to 12 months and Ages 1 year to 2 years.
Recording Studio Sessions and Training
Computer Learning Center
Sound Engineering Workshops
General Music Education 1 Ages 9-11 years
General Music Education 2 Ages 12-14 years
Music Theory I and II College Prep Classes
Song Writing and Composition


Here are some of our Area’s of Expertise and Available Instruction:
Guitar 101: Guitar 101 utilizes a Guitar method with over 30 years of development with a proven track record for beginners.
Guitar 102: Guitar for intermediate players utilizes the WMC guitar method as well.
Classical Guitar Quartet: This ensemble class is for performers looking to learn classical guitar techniques, and is limited to 4 students per class.
Jazz Guitar Techniques: This class is for intermediate & advanced guitar players looking to master their instrument, and learn to improvise.
Jazz Improv: Open to all instruments, and teaches improvisation techniques that all instruments can utilize to perform jazz and commercial music.
Afro Cuban Guitar: This course offers guitar students an opportunity to learn different latin Claves like the Mambo, Naningo, Bolero, Cha-Cha, Bossa Nova, Samba, Mozambique Rhythms, & Montuno’s for Guitar.
Piano Proficiency 101: This course is designed for students beginning to learn piano. Basic reading, scales, finger exercises, and left and right hand reading are all covered in piano proficiency 101.
Piano Proficiency 102: Is designed for intermediate students and covers a wide range of material including scales, modes, advanced chords, and the different common chord changes found in popular music. The class is limited to 5 students and each student gets one on one time with the teachers going over exercises individually and as a group.
Jazz Piano Lab: This class covers more advanced improvisation techniques and enables students to play classic American Jazz Standards.
Music Theory & Ear Training 101: Teaches all students the basics of the music language and prepares them for more advanced theory. Note values, rhythmic values, circle of fifths, triads, and the modes are covered in this class, as well as being able to identify basic music intervals, major , minor scales, and modes.
Music Theory 102: Picks up where Theory 101 leaves off and teaches students how more advanced chords work together and how to distinguish harmonic changes and modulations.
Music History: The Music History Class changes even within the seasonal semester. ALL periods are covered in the history of western music history, and this also includes smaller labs on international music as well. This gives students an amazing perspective into how the language of music has developed, and how it’s used world wide. It also helps students to appreciate many styles of music.
Suzuki Violin Ensemble 1: Suzuki Violin Method level 1 & 2. As well as other enrichment pieces.
Suzuki Violin Ensemble 2: Suzuki Violin level 2 & 3. This class pre-pares students for more serious private instruction. Though all students receive 1 on 1 time with the teacher in every class, Suzuki Level 4 deserves private attention and we have multiple violin teachers on staff.
Jazz Violin: Thats right, you want to dive into the world of jazz violin? How about bluegrass? The theory is the same, but the approach is different. Learn how to use your violin in different applications and learn the style of Stephane Grapelli, or Charlie Daniels with Jazz Violin Technique. Students learn how to improvise over chord changes, and how to play various styles focusing on Jazz, with a little bit of bluegrass.
Vocals 101: Learn how the anatomy of your larynx works! Basic sight singing skills, solfeggio, and technique are covered. Learn to sing properly so you don’t damage your voice! Vocals 101 prepares students to sing in one of our rock, jazz, or sacred music ensembles. And also prepare for private instruction with one of our vocal coaches.
Vocal Jazz Improvisation: SKAT, its known as… When a vocalists improvises seamlessly using words or syllables that sound foreign to our ear. Yes they are usually flying off the seat of their pants, but with much preparation. Learning how to improvise with your voice in jazz takes time, and patience. This class is designed for singers who are intermediate to advanced, and have taken our theory and/or jazz improv class.
Vocal Ensemble: This ensemble sings pieces from multiple eras and styles.
Rock Band: There is no video games here, any student is welcome to audition for one of our rock ensembles. Learn to play rock N Roll the RIGHT way. Styles covered are from the 50’s-today. Open to instrumentalists, and vocalists.
Jazz Ensemble: This ensemble allows students to play in a group setting and learn how to work as a team to accomplish your goals.
String Ensemble: Open to students who play any stringed instrument. Material covered is primarily classical, but not limited to contemporary arrangements, and popular melodies.
Modern Jazz Band: This group focuses on the fusion movement of the 20th century from Miles Davis, The Brecker Brothers, Pat Methany, and others. Learn how to improvise with multiple approaches. Open to instrumentalists only.
The Blues Band: This group is for students beginning to improvise. Go beyond the 12 bar blues and study the different common chord changes that make up the different formats of the blues. Open to all instruments and vocalists.
Praise Band: Contemporary & Popular Christian Music has an ever growing listening base and is a major competitor in the modern music marketplace. Learn what it takes to play your favorite praise and worship songs.
Liturgy & Music: One of the first careers in the music field was through the church. Learn the basics of how music and churches of different denominations use music and liturgy to work together.
Film Scoring: Learn from the pro’s how to score music to film. Join the ranks of J. Williams, or Philip Glass! This Class also covers vocabulary for Radio & Television music as well.
Digital Recording Studio: Learn how to use Pro Tools, Studio One, and many more programs designed for music production. Learn how to record properly, what kind of microphones are used, mix, master, and more!
The Physics of Sound: Ever wonder what the science behind sound is? Your not alone. In this class, we cover the basic physics of sound, and how different frequencies make you respond. Music Neurology, and Music Therapy are also discussed.
Music Business & Marketing: Learn how to protect your music, and market it independently without the help of a major label. Independent artists are the name of the game now. Major labels are not investing in much artist development anymore, looking for independent artists who have proven themselves to be ahead of the curve. Learn how to set yourself up with ASCAP, or BMI as a writer or publisher, and how it works. Learn from teachers who are members themselves with years of experience.
Recording Artist Workshop: This workshop occurs only once a semester. Learn what it takes to write songs that sell! And what skills are required to be a successful recording and performing artist. This workshop covers everything from recording your own music, to marketing your songs online on iTunes and other music jukebox platforms.
3 Piece Horn: Learn how to arrange music with a three piece horn section and more!
Composition: Learn the art of scoring orchestral music the old fashion way. Beethoven used the old #2 pencil, so can you! Then transfer your classwork to a digital format when your happy with your composition. Learn what instruments play in which clefs, counterpoint, and more!
Songwriters Workshop: This composition workshop is designed for the popular music performer and/or songwriter. Depending on what you want out of your music, different methods of writing music are available to the modern artist, but writing a good song isn’t easy. This class is only available to students who have taken theory, or have equivalent knowledge in common and not so common chord changes.
Mallet Madness: Percussionists agree, mallets are fun! Learn how to play mallets and improve your percussion skill set.
Beginner-Advanced Group Drum Studies: These classes focus on technique, rudiment studies, endurance, speed, control and more. Curriculum used is Drumeo, and Great Hands for a Lifetime by Tommy Ague.
Crazy Congas Class: Learn to perform African Drumming and terminology used. One can get lost in African Drumming there are so many different regions.
Trumpet Level 101: Learn your instrument, all the notes, basic reading, learn simple melodies, and more.
Trumpet Ensemble: For intermediate players. Know your scales, arpeggios, learn to improvise on the blues, and read more challenging melodies.
Jazz Trumpet: Take your playing to the next level. Learn different improvisational techniques, cover all eras of jazz, and modern jazz.
Saxophone 101: Learn your instrument, all the notes, basic reading, a variety of scales, learn simple melodies and more.
Saxophone Ensemble: For intermediate players. Get to know your scales very well, arpeggios, learn to improvise on the blues, common changes, and read more challenging melodies.
Jazz Saxophone: Take your playing to the next level. Learn different improvisational techniques, cover all eras of jazz, and modern jazz.
Flute 101: Learn your instrument, all the notes, basic reading, a variety of scales, learn simple melodies and more.
Flute Ensemble: For intermediate players. Get to know your scales very well, arpeggios, learn to read more challenging melodies.
Bass 101: Learn your instrument, all the notes, basic reading, a variety of scales, learn simple melodies and more.