Ryan Sandberg

Ryan Sandberg

Music Instructor

Ryan Sandberg has been a hard working and reliable drum student for over a decade. Studying with T.R. Mckotch, he has improved upon his rhythm, and rudimentary knowledge, as well as kit drumming and hand drumming.

As a drum educator, he looks forward to helping students along the path of becoming top notch drummers. Ryan takes pride in his work and strives to help his students succeed.

“Ryan is dedicated to the Drum Program at the Warren Music Conservatory. He easily connects with the children of all ages, especially little ones. That helps them develop general appreciation of the music. My children have advanced in rhythmical scales and have become more consistent in keeping the rhythm through longer musical passages.” ~Julia Mineeva-Braun

“Ryan has studied with me for 11 consecutive years, with a heavy concentration on the drum kit, conga and djembe techniques. Ryan has also participated in hand drum workshops facilitated by Jim Donovan, Kasumu JA and Mohamed Diaby.” ~ T.R. McKotch

“My experience with Ryan as my student is that his passion for music as a whole is humbling power and that transcends as he leads now as a teacher.” ~ JA Kasumu of Nigeria, West Africa (ADE JEMBE FOLA, headquarters Buffalo NY)

“Ryan is a good listener and he pays attention. From the Slyboots Festival I see that if he studies more he has the potential to be very good at it.” ~Master Drummer Mohamed Diaby from Guinea, West Africa

Artistic Impressions of Ryan Sandberg with his students.

Overall, Ryan is prepared for his position and is ready to take his place among the top music educators in the country.

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