Ryan Lundgren

Ryan Lundgren is a great addition to The Music Conservatory, LLC.  Ryan teaches our Voice, Beginning Piano, Guitar and Ukulele Private Lessons and we are proud to have him working with us. 

Music Instructor

My name is Ryan Lundgren. I teach voice, the guitar, the ukulele, and the piano.

My love for music started when I was at Lundgren Chevrolet, and I found two dialectical cassette tapes in my dad’s desk – Metallica’s first album and an all piano collection of Chopin’s compositions. After listening to these tapes, my journey of studying music began and has continued to date. Truly, this is where my passion and love for music started.

For voice, I studied for over ten years. In my lessons, I enjoy using vocal programs, notwithstanding, offering my experience of navigating varies vocal techniques to enable students to sing most any song. In addition, I enjoy a type of vocal instruction that ultimately allows students’ to develop a craft suitable to their own vocal style, performance, or personal preference. Lastly, as a teacher, I am able to perform, as well as, sing the genres of opera, pop, country, barbershop (SPEBSQSA), acapella, and more.

I also teach guitar. This started when I found an old guitar in the attic of my dad’s apartment. From that day on, I have never been able to put down my guitar. Then, in the summer 1999, I joined a band at the Napoli church. We called ourselves The Believers, in which, we traveled to fairs, camps, elderly homes, and church events to perform. This is where I began to hone my style, musical compositions, and again, my love for music. Finally, one of my favorite acoustic bands is Caedmons Call. Their album of 40 acres is still my favorite acoustic album that has had a large influence on one of my styles of playing – fingerpicking.

All of our teachers have undergone background checks and have been child safe certified!