Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement and Vision,

The Music Conservatory, LLC is here to ENCOURAGE Music Conservation and Conversation in the local Community and Region.  We wish to add to the musical enrichment, enjoyment and appreciation of the arts in our community and region throughout all the stages of our development.

The Warren Music Conservatory is deeply committed to excellence in education, performance, and creative activity; to the humanity of the School’s environment; and to the cultural enrichment of the larger community.  A premier local conservatory, WMC educates, inspires and empowers highly talented individuals to realize their potential.  We take full advantage of Warren’s abundant learning and performance opportunities, preparing our students to be accomplished and passionate performers, composers and teachers, and imaginative, effective contributors to the arts and society.  ~ Founders – Joseph Glarner and T.R. McKotch

Warren, Pennsylvania was once host to a Music Conservatory several decades ago.  Thanks to the Historical Society in Warren, we have two incredible black and white photographs depicting the old building and members.





It had already been the vision of Joseph Glarner for a many years to restart the Music Conservatory in Warren, Pa and the time came when he partnered up with T.R. McKotch to develop the Music Conservatory once again.  He tributes his Grandmother Nancy Glarner and Grandfather “Bob” Glarner for enriching his life and educating him musically and culturally in his young years, and his mentor Pete Pepke for setting him on this path to becoming a professional musician.  T.R. McKotch was the perfect fit to join in this adventure.  T.R. has already been established in the Music world through his Sound Rhythms Music Studio in Jamestown, NY. and together the Music Conservatory in Warren was reborn!

“No Music… No Life!   KNOW Music… KNOW Life!”  ~author unknown

It is now Our Vision to become a central location for music in the Warren County region and surrounding areas.  We have other Franchise schools in the area and are expanding our reach to other communities with the goal in mind to preserve music education and knowledge and create a central location for music teachers and professional musicians to come together to teach and perform in a world where Music is ever changing and adapting to school policies that fluctuate due to state standards, technical advancements, and cultural diversities.

Fishing Metaphor:  This old saying is usually contributed to Confucius “Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”  ~ We teach an advanced music education and aim to highlight the path for our student who are seriously interested in a future career in music.  Career Development Counseling is also a plus at The Music Conservatory for high school students.

Please consider what having a Music Conservatory can and will do for you and your community!  We are nothing without YOU and welcome you to join us!  Come to The Music Conservatory.  We welcome fresh ideas and insight!

Music is highly important for the development of a young mind and it is vital that we continue to spread our knowledge and “pass the torch” to younger generations.  We need you to help us make that possible!  Simply tell people about us!

Please join us!  Call us today for a tour or interview!  We are looking for professional and talented individuals like you to assist us as mentors, teachers, volunteers and donors to our cause.

Thank you!

~The Music Conservatory, LLC