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Joseph and April Glarner spoke to DKG members about the conservatory’s mission, which is to encourage musical enrichment, enjoyment, and appreciation of the arts in our community throughout all stages of musical development.

The founders are Joseph Glarner and T.R. McKotch. It was the vision of Glarner to restart the Music Conservatory, and McKotch, owner of the Sound Rhythms Music Studio in Jamestown, N.Y., was the perfect fit to help.

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“School of Rock has come to Warren.”

Joseph Glarner isn’t just a professional musician and the musical director at Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church, he’s also bringing back the Warren Music Conservatory along with other music professionals.

“It’s more than just playing music,’ said Glarner, explaining that on top of the visual of music like performances and recordings, there’s another 75 percent of musicians you don’t see. Talent, intuition, creativity, practice, intelligence, experience, mental acuity, self confidence, experimentation with instruments and gear, ear training and education, sharing of musical ideas, physical condition and knowledge of music theory and history are also vital for successful musicians.

And that’s why, Glarner said, the conservatory won’t just deal with instrumental lessons.

“We offer theory, ear training, music history, physics of sound,” he said.   Click Here to see rest of Article


“The Warren Music Conservatory is proud to be partnering with the YMCA and its members. Their role in our community has been vital, and we are honored they immediately saw the value of what our program has to offer, and urged us to partner with them in helping to create and support a happy and healthy community.” said Joseph Glarner, one of the two owners of the WMC. He along with TR Kotch, round out the program to be a full music experience.

Thad Turner, CEO of the Warren County YMCA, said, ” This is a great connection between to organizations that care a lot for the youth and adults in Warren County.”

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It’s about creating opportunities for passionate students of music.

Joe Glarner, one of the administrators at the Warren Music Conservatory, said that the conservatory’s newest effort to engage students and engender a love of musical instruction is one that will be open to all county students.

The Warren County Youth Orchestra, said Glarner, is one of the most unique offerings the conservatory has offered to date. As such, he said, it has taken on a life – and a social media presence – of its own.

Unlike other classes at the conservatory, the youth orchestra will not follow a cohort structure. The goal instead, said Glarner, is to keep students involved throughout their high school (and in some cases late middle school) careers.  Click Here to see more of the Article

UPDATE:  The Warren County Youth Orchestra is now under the direction of Chelci Cowan

Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry


Warren Music Conservatory is dedicated to helping students achieve their goals in a 21st Century environment. Some of the regions best music educators are available!

Therapeutic drum circle takes place at music conservatory 

7:15 First Wednesday of every month

The conservatory hosted a therapeutic drum circle, with Rich Schuler of Jamestown Thunder Drums.

“We had 12 people show up,” Conservatory Music Director Joe Glarner said. “It was a huge success.”

“People were having a great time and everyone walked out with a smile,” he said. “Drumming along to the beat and having fun was the name of the game.”

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