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View our new Group Class and Ensemble schedule and prices! We have two NEW Ensembles starting up and New Beginning Guitar Classes with Dale Haight! We also have a new Hand Drumming Group on Saturdays. Jazz Band, Choir and More!
Some of our Ensembles and Groups are as follows:
Cello Group
Allegheny Singers
String Ensemble
Jazz Band
The Warren County Youth Orchestra
Hand Drumming Workshop
Call us to get signed up or arrive 15 minutes early to register to Ensemble groups! Please pre register for classes so that we can notify teachers. 814-580-3913
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The Music Conservatory, LLC is located at 220 Pennsylvania Ave West in Warren, PA.

We are dedicated to providing more opportunities for you and/or your child to receive a professional music education, and to provide performance experience.

Through our programs and curriculum we aim to expand our student’s skills and challenge our student’s physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as they explore their interests and develop their talents and natural abilities. We also provide career development and guidance.

Let Music be the avenue that your child learns everything from Math, to Science and English, History and Art.  We have many classes designed to do just that as your child learns basic music notations, how to read, write, compose and appreciate music through our Little Beginner Classes and Beginner Groups, all the way up to our Ensemble groups.

As we continue to build The Music Conservatory, developing these programs for our students and grow  in Warren, PA, it is our AIM to establish and strengthen connections in the community through the arts.

Music is much more than what you hear when you turn on the radio.  Let us show you how it can enrich your life!

Here are a few of our Ensemble groups…   Rock Band, Allegheny Songbirds Choir, Adult Chamber Ensemble, and The Warren County Youth Orchestra… Inquire within!


Ask us about these classes and ensemble groups!!

The Warren County Youth Orchestra

Student Apprenticeship Program for Adult Chamber Ensemble and Acapella Choir

Allegheny Songbirds Choir

Hand Drumming Groups

Kid’s Rock Band

Jazz Group

Various Group Classes and Private Lesson Spots are available!!

Please contact us to set up an appointment.  We have much to offer you and your child/ren as far as Music Education and Enrichment!  Please call us at (814)580-3913 or Come in during admin hours for more information, registration and scheduling.

Our program is a great opportunity to get your child a head start on Music Education and to continue developing their talents and boosting their confidence.

25.00 Registration Fees apply per person

See us for tuition costs

Scholarships are available

NEW ENSEMBLE GROUP!!!  Still accepting interested members!

Introducing our new Choir the “Allegheny Songbirds”!

If you are a singer and would love this opportunity then please arrive.  This is both a Men and Women’s Choir.  There is a member fee of 25.00 a month so please bring that with you as well as a good set of pipes! The only other requirement is that you must be able to sing and being able to sight read is a plus! We will discuss songs, creative opportunities and Joseph will be there to accompany us on the piano (from time to time in the future as well).  We can’t wait to meet you and come together.  Call us at 814-580-3913 or email april.glarnergroup@gmail.com to let me know if you are interested and if you plan on attending!

We are The Fruit of OUR Teachers…. Click to see post

… We want nothing more than to make our teachers proud and show them that we listened to them, that we are now doing what they worked so hard to achieve in us, as their students. Teachers, past and present, We hope to make you proud as we pass the torch to the next generations of teachers and musicians. …

a college for the study of classical music or other arts.
conservatoire · music school · drama school · [more]

We are dedicated to working with local teachers, schools and businesses in our community.  Please feel free to check out our website for additional information and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions and find out what we can do for you.

Some of the regions best music educators are available! All of our teachers are given back ground checks and are child safe certified in the State of Pennsylvania.

Call us today at 814 580 3913


A wise person once told me.. “No one will know what you need if you do not make it known.”

Please Click here to find out about our needs!!  We do need financial and instrument donations to keep our program alive and to supply our students.  We humbly ask you to consider.  Thank you!

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  • Recording Studio Sessions and Training
  • Sound Engineering Workshops
  • Music Theory I and II High School age College Prep Classes
  • Computer Learning Center
  • Song Writing and Composition

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