How To Fill Up A Band Room

I had the piano at my grandmother’s house in my early years peaking my interest and waking up my talents, and sang constantly at home and at church, but was introduced to various musical band instruments in WNY schools in 5th grade at Panama School.

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As a result of this introduction and encouragement to pick an instrument, our school bands throughout Chautauqua County were huge! Is it possible that band room sizes in certain areas across the United States are diminishing as a result to a change in how we introduce instruments to students? Are we not giving them the option to choose an instrument based off their interests?

It is already known that school budget cuts and state standards for education have drastically lowered the number of students who are able to take band, orchestra or chorus. But the community can step up and fill in that void before something detrimental is lost. Musical knowledge! It only takes 2 to 3 uneducated generations to lose something as important as music knowledge and music history.

My mother was a single parent, but was able to rent to own my instrument for me. It took a combination of parental guidance, school influence, and community support to help me find that direction and develop my talent.

Don’t stop introducing musical instruments to your children! Flutes, Trumpets, Tuba’s, Baritones, Trombones, Xylophones, Clarinets, Saxophones, Oboe’s, Violins, Bass Cello, Viola’s, Cello’s, etc.. etc.. They are not obsolete.
Music education at an early age is so important. This is why we are here! Teacher’s we can help you achieve your goals. Students: If you need help with learning an instrument, help with music theory, guidance on a career path, and much more… We can help you with that as well!
Call us to set up a time to talk about your future in music. Our first teachers set us on this path, we can help you (or your child) with yours(theirs)!

April Glarner
Administrator for The Music Conservatory, LLC in Warren, PA