We Are The Fruit Of Our Teachers

Many of The Music Conservatory teachers have been taught by the music teachers in our local public and private schools here in the Warren County School District, the neighboring communities and in Western New York.  As it was our teacher’s duty and profession to teach, guide and release their students(us) with the knowledge they have passed on, so it is now our turn to give back to the community. What we are working so hard to build is in fact the fruit of our own teachers dedication to their students.

We want nothing more than to make our teachers proud and show them that we listened to them, that we are now doing what they worked so hard to achieve in us, as their students. Teachers, past and present, We hope to make you proud as we pass the torch to the next generations of teachers and musicians.


Dear Teachers,

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have shown us!

The Music Conservatory is a promise to you that music in this area will always have a place in the heart of Warren County and there will always be teachers as dedicated as you are to giving your students a quality music education.  We are excited to put what you taught us into fruition.  This is ALL because of you!

Now it’s our turn to give back!

Thank you!

The teachers of The Music Conservatory



In Memory of Mr. Russell Germaine

In Memory of Mr. Steve Swanson

In Memory of Mr. “Bob” Glarner

In Memory of Mr. Curtis


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